Operation, Fees & Charges

General: Be co-operative and respect other Aerodrome users. Should any problems arise of a general nature please discuss these directly with other Aerodrome users. If you have any concerns of an operational nature or any safety related issues please email your concerns to Safety Working Group at safety@nzte.net.nz.

Safety Working Group: The Safety Working Group members include a representative from each type of Aerodrome user. This group meets as required to discuss any areas of concern or incidents or other matters that may arise. All operational and safety concerns will be reviewed by the Safety Working Group and any recommendations made to NZTE Operations management for consideration. To ensure integrity of the reporting system all information submitted must contain your full name and contact details in email or written form.

Car Parking and Vehicles: Pilots and visitors please park in the car park areas provided and walk to your hangar unless you intend to park your vehicle in your own personal Hangar. Do not leave or park cars outside another persons Hangar. Visitors vehicles must not enter or drive on any operational or restricted areas of the Aerodrome.

Walking on the operational restricted areas: Access to the operational areas is restricted to the holders of an aviation document, license or certificate. Any other personnel must be under their direct supervision.

Use Of Hangars: Hangar doors must not be left open without a person in attendance. Aircraft removed from shared hangars must be returned to the hangar unless the owner is present.

Refuelling: Aircraft must vacate the refuelling area when fuelling is complete.

Aircraft Washing: Water hose is located beside the fuel pump and washing is to take place on the grass. Please do not wash detergents into the drains on the concrete as it will affect the underground separation tanks.

Departures: To avoid congestion complete all engine run-up and before take-off checklists prior to entering the active runway. Do not hold on the runway unless required for operational reasons.

Circuit and Arrival: Refer to the NZTE AIPNZ for operating restrictions and cautions. Do not overfly the retirement village. Circuit direction is non-standard. All circuits are to the south.

Radio Calls: AIMM System in operation. Ensure all radio transmissions are clear and unambiguous. Report your position accurately when arriving and follow the NZTE AIPNZ radio procedures to transmit joining instructions at least 3nm from the Aerodrome.

Fees, Terms and Conditions

Aircraft Operations: Aircraft fees are billed to the organisation/person shown on the CAA register at time of service. Fees are changed at the rates shown on this webpage at the time of service.

Landing Fees for Visiting Aircraft on Private Operations: All aircraft types $10.00 (inclusive of GST)

Annual Facilities Fee for Resident Aircraft: Facilities fee $81.00 + GST per quarter. This fee covers unlimited landings for a specific aircraft and use of aerodrome facilities, for aircraft that are based at NZTE, and/or regular users of NZTE and used only for private operations.

Commercial Operations: Commercial operations require approval from the Aerodrome Operator. Landing Fees by negotiation. Contact the Aerodrome Operator on 021 681 991 or 07 960 2112

Private Overnight Parking: $10.00 + GST per night. Resident aircraft $50.00 + GST per month. Commercial Parking by negotiation.

Touch & Goes, Low Approach and Go Around: The first of a session of movements is charged at the normal Landing fee rate. Subsequent movements in a continuous series of ‘Touch and Go’  or ‘Go arounds’ etc will not incur any further charges.

Terms & Conditions for Use of Airport

By Using NZTE you are agreeing to all of our Terms & Conditions of use. These Terms & Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the NZTE AIPNZ Airport Landing Chart found in the AIP Vol 4 and published Fees found on our website. Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. These Terms & Conditions supersede previous documents which previously covered operations from Te Kowhai Aerodrome.

For ALL Aircraft using Te Kowhai Airfield (NZTE):

  • You agree to provide adequate public liability and third party insurance for your operations.
  • It is the Pilot(s) responsibility to determine suitability for their intended operations.
  • Landing fees are payable and determined by the rate card available on the NZTE website.
  • Landing fees will be invoiced. Late payments will incur admin charges.
  • The Registered Operator as defined by the active CAA Aircraft Register is liable for all Aerodrome charges, unless prior arrangement has been made with the airfield management.
  • Aircraft, Pilots and Maintenance providers must have CAA approved certification for the type of activity being carried out. It is your responsibility to enforce this.
  • You are responsible for complying with all rules and standards required by the CAA, OSH, local bodies, and other organisations which have authority to set rules.
  • You accept full responsible for your own actions and safety of other people you allow to use your aircraft or who come onto the airport as your guest or at your invitation.
  • You agree to indemnify us against any claims that arise as a consequence of the aircraft being operated from the airfield even if caused by our negligence.
  • If you cause a problem for NZTE Operations Management, the Aerodrome Operator or other Aerodrome users we will bring this to your attention. If you do not remedy the problem and we consider it serious, we retain the right to restrict your use of the Aerodrome without explanation.
  • If NZTE Operations actions have caused you concern then please contact us directly. NZTE Operations is a business and you are a valued customer so we will endeavour to remedy your concerns if we can without affecting our ability to meet the needs of others.
  • Data collected may also be used for Search and Rescue, management and planning functions. NZTE Operations Limited reserves the right to engage 3rd party agents for the collection of aerodrome data and charges.
  • NZTE reserves the right to use any or all of the following methods for data collection and to determine responsibility for aerodrome charges: available documentation; transcriptions or recordings of radio transmissions involving the aircraft; first person accounts of aircraft activity; video or photographic evidence of aircraft activity.


For Aircraft Based at the Te Kowhai Airfield:

  • The Annual Facilities Fee is payable by all resident aircraft·
  • Commercial Activity on the Aerodrome is encouraged but requires prior approval.
  • Approval for commercial activity may be withheld or withdrawn by NZTE Operations Limited.
  • Any Flight training originating from the Airport is considered to be commercial use.
  • A list of ‘Named Pilots’ is to be provided to the airport for any private-use aircraft with more than one usual pilot.
  • Syndicate aircraft must also provide a named Pilots List to NZTE Operations. Additional fees may be charged to cover this additional use as defined on the Rate Card.